Anna Marias anförande i plenum om försvunna flyktingbarn i Europa

eurodacI sitt anförande om försvunna flyktingbarn i Europa uttrycker Anna Maria sitt stöd för kommissionär Avramopoulos reformförslag om EURODAC som ska kunna hämma denna skrämmande utveckling.

Läs hennes anförande nedan:

– Mr President, I would like to thank the Commissioner for his commitment. A real tragedy is unfolding in Europe, which needs urgent and concrete action. More than a year ago, Europol sounded the alarm when tens of thousands of migrant children went missing. They had been trafficked, abused, exploited and exposed. It is happening today in Europe. We are far away from a zero tolerance policy against traffickers and smugglers.

With the Intergroup on Children’s Rights in this Parliament, together with Missing Children Europe, we have been at the forefront in putting this emergency at the top of the EU agenda. We call on the police to prioritise missing children, without double standards between European and migrant children. We need effective rules for cross-border cooperation and increased cooperation with Europol, filling the existing gaps. We need to allocate more resources to hotlines, to help report disappearances and build trust with migrant children to prevent them from running away, to make sure children remain in the protection system and to provide them with a safe environment and decent living standards.

Children must be registered when entering the European Union and I support the Commissioner’s reform proposal for EURODAC, moving to take fingerprints from the age of six, to be able to protect them and to trace them. Member States need also to increase their interoperability between the Schengen and the Visa Information System and, as we revise the asylum package, we cannot sacrifice children. Europe should mean safety for them. What if it was our child missing?