Anna Marias anförande i plenum om Rysslands avkriminalisering av våld i nära relationer

14-04-17 Corazza Bildt campaign t-shirts-312017 inleddes med att våld i nära relationer avkriminaliserades Ryssland, vilket lämnat hundratusentals kvinnor och barn utan juridiskt skydd. Ett hårt slag mot de redan utsatta.

Läs Anna Marias anförande om detta och vad EU kan göra nedan:

– Madam President, thank you, Madam Commissioner, for your commitment on violence against women. Today, I wish to reach out to the women and children of Russia that have lost legal protection from domestic violence, to show them solidarity. The new Russian law trivialising domestic violence is a serious setback in combating violence against women. It sounds chilling that beating up your wife, your partner or child becomes simply an administrative offence, like wrongly parking your car, unless permanent damage is caused. It is even absurd to think that this kind of abuse by a loved one would not cause permanent damage to the victim. Domestic violence is violence. It is not a private issue, it is a crime, and it has to be treated as such. Traditional sexist maxims never justify this violence. Women’s rights are human rights. These are universal values under the United Nations Charter. It is not the West versus Russia. Or is it about ideology, patriotism, nationalism, a way to disempower women? We are not interfering in domestic affairs, but standing up for humanity. Russia is a member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and should behave as such, first of all by signing and ratifying the Istanbul Convention on Violence against Women. I call on the EU and on the Council of Europe to raise this issue in particular at the upcoming UN Conference on the Status of Women and to urge Russia to modify the law.