Anna Marias anförande i plenum om lönegapet mellan kvinnor och män

Gender pay gap2I veckan debatterades flertalet frågor I plenum. Bland annat kommissionens uttalande om lönegapet mellan män och kvinnor.

Anna Marias anförande finner du nedan:

– Madam President, to achieve equal pay for equal work is a top priority for women’s empowerment and the lack of progress is frankly frustrating. The gender pay gap is a challenge throughout Europe in all kinds of jobs. Even in Sweden, my country, a champion of gender equality, women earn in a lifetime on average EUR 300 000 less than men. So what are we to do? There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is a structural problem that needs to be dealt with from different angles and nationally.

Member States have to ensure that women have equal career opportunities in all fields, and this includes care facilities for children and a culture of shared family responsibility between men and women, to facilitate and encourage women entrepreneurship and to fight discrimination. The private sector, where the gender pay gap is more common, should take its share of the responsibility. It is important that we join forces at all levels to raise awareness, putting pressure on Member States to take concrete actions and share best practices.